Zapier Integration

Zapier is an automation tool that will bolt onto existing software and perform day to day, repetitive, mundane tasks.

With Array releasing our integration it opens up a whole new world of opportunities for automation between existing software that is being used within your business and the implementation of Array to your business.

So what is Zapier?

Zapier is an automation tool that will bolt onto existing software and perform day to day, repetitive, mundane tasks that are not worth the money being completed by a member of your team.

Zapier is an automation tool that will bolt onto existing software and perform day to day, repetitive, mundane tasks that are not worth the money being completed by a member of your team. Understanding the basics of Zapier you will realise that there are Tasks, Triggers and Actions. Each task is considered to be a Zap that needs to be set up and from that Zap there is an action that needs to be completed. Zaps can be completely custom and can have multiple processes to follow and once set up there is no need for any more human input and they will be performed automatically each time a form is submitted, as you discover more tasks that need to be completed you can just set up a new Zap.

How to set up Zapier

Firstly you will need to ensure you have Zapier account set up.

Once you have created an account the integration is set up and you can begin to set up your Zaps in Zapier.

Zapier has plenty of support docs for each application/software to create and set-up new Zaps with actions, here are just a few examples of automated processes you can complete with Array.

  • Podio to create new tasks from submitted forms
  • Add an event automatically to Google Cal
  • Update Intercom information from submissions
  • Create new Trello boards of tasks
  • Feed specific submissions to Slack for a chosen team to complete
  • Feed information to an existing CRM like Salesforce
  • Link Array with Asana to create new leads

Where to begin?Setting up a Trigger

First, start by signing into your Zapier account. 

Either locate to the admin dashboard of your account or select the large red 'Make a Zap' button to begin. You will be taken to a page where it will show you all applications you have linked to your account.

This is where we begin. 

If Array is not linked to your Zapier account begin by searching for Array and adding your account. This is what Zapier call a 'Trigger App' to start the process.

You are then directed to choose a trigger that will cause your new Zap to happen. This could be when a form is submitted or if you want the process to occur after administration of your submission, you may want to start the Zap when a form is updated.

You're then be asked to connect your account to ensure Zapier are calling information from the correct place. 

Now select the form that you would like the action to happen upon. You can either search for the form or look at the drop-down that is produced.

If your form is not shown, select the 'Load more forms' button to load more. 

If this does not work, you can use the advanced feature to locate your form with the Unique ID produced at the end of the form URL. To understand this more follow the doc here.

You need to ensure at least one submission of the form has been completed on Array for Zapier to pick up and test the form itself.

Once this has been successful you will move onto the application you want to connect with in exactly the same manner, expect you will be choosing what you want to happen to that submission/data on that form. This is called the 'Action'. 

Setting up an Action

Firstly Select your Action Application. If you have not already linked any to your account this is where you will be asked to do so. You will be provided with a long list of apps to choose from as well as built-in software you may already use. Either search for the application in the search bar or scroll the page to see what apps are available.

In this example a shall choose Trello. 

Next stages you are asked what you want the action to be. You will see on Trello you have a few options but this could range from anything to set up a calendar event with the specific date on the form to sending specific data on the form to Asana or another CRM. There are hundreds of actions and depending on the app/software will depend on the Zaps that can be performed. 

Here for Trello I have the option to Create a new List/Board/Card and more or search for Find Board/Find Member/Find Card and more. Depending on your action will depend which one you choose. each has a description so can be understood easily. 

Once you have chosen your action to perform you will be asked to link your account so Zapier has access to send the data to. This will run a quick test to ensure it has access and you can continue.

Once linked you will be asked to select what/where you want that data to go. There will be a number of options here and some will be mandatory and others will not depend if you want that information to be passed over. Each Zap will have its own criteria here. 

You will then again be asked to confirm the steps in tis action and complete a test which will send a test to your desired location just like it was an action. 

Once completed, Click finish, Ensure your Zap has a name and you will be all good to go. Just sit back, relax and watch the magic happen with all those submissions!

Once you have a few Zaps in place its time to start submitting forms and watching the magic happen. Zapier not only frees up valuable time you need for other tasks but it takes the worry of mundane tasks away so you can focus more on what does need to be completed.