Tasks on our App

Assign your users with Tasks with attached forms and set timescales for when these forms are due via our App.

This feature allows users to be assign tasks with forms attached and these tasks can be set to take place during certain days and times via our App as well as our website, take a look at support doc on Task Overview to see how this is achieved.

In this article we’ll be explaining

-  how to make a new task via our App. 

- an account admin view

Creating a new Task

To add a new task, you need to press on 3 dash menu in the top left corner of our App, and press on Tasks


On this page, click the Plus button in the top right hand side to add a new task 


Once this is pressed, this will open up the Tasks menu 




You now have loads of different options to choose from to set up your task.

Task Title – The name of your Task

Date and time from and to – The date and time the task will take place. Using the ‘All Day’ slider will set the task to show all day on your chosen day.

Repeat – This will repeat your task and can be set by Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months and Years.

Location – Where the task will be taking place

Description – A description of the Task

Priority – Can be set to High, Medium or Low priority. This will determine where the task will set in the task view with High being at the top.

Max Accepts – The maximum number of acceptations to the task

Allow Users to Delegate - Can be set up so users can delegate the task.

Notify on Accept – Can be set up to notify you when a task is accepted.

Notify User of Task – Can be set up to notify the user of a task you have assigned them.

Attach Document – A document can be attached to the task i.e. guidelines on how to fill in the form.

Attach Forms – You can attach a form from your account for the assigned users to fill in.

Assign to – Select from your user to assign the task to. There is no limit of how many you can assign to a task.

Tasks Theme – The icon assigned to the task can be customized so it can be defined what type of task it is. i.e. An icon of ‘check-square’ for a checklist.

Once you have filled in all the information need for your task, you can save it by pressing ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.

When your task has been saved, it will display on your screen


Pressing on the task will let you complete the created task.


Your Task

If you have account admin access, you be able to access an admin view of all task. To access this press on the 3 dash menu in the top left corner of our App, and press on Tasks Admin. 


Pressing on a task will display a pop up menu. On this pop out, you can move, copy or delete the task.


To move, click on the arrow icon. This will allow you to change what calendar it appears on and also, what folder and form appears on the task.

To copy, click on the copy icon. This will allow you to copy your task to another user’s calendar as well as what folder or form to copy it with.

To delete, click on the delete icon. This will allow you delete your selected task. Please note, if you have repeated the same task, you need to individually delete each one.