Submitted Form Message

When a form is shared publicly and completed it is a nice gesture to provide the client with some text at the end.

What is a Submitted Form Message?

When a form is shared publicly and completed it is a nice gesture to provide the client with some text at the end to say, “Your form has been submitted” or “Thank you for your application”, this is a submitted form message.

Doing this at the end of a form can be a great gesture to the user/client for taking their time to complete the form and can in-fact elevate some of the pain of having to complete the form in the first place. Not only can you provide a small message you can also redirect the user to an external web page maybe providing more information on the subject relating to the form they just completed.

Set up a Submitted Form Message

As this message will only appear when a publicly shared form has been submitted, the settings and setup are completed on the public share settings for each form individually. The messages are set individually with each form so you can have a lot more scope with where the messages that users receive once completing specific forms.

To set up the message seen once a form is completed we first need to locate to public share settings. To do this, locate the form you want to set a message upon and select public share and follow it through until you reach the popout shown below. The steps for this are also shown on our Public Sharing article.

Once here you can see as usual you have all the public share options available to you. We need to click ‘settings’ on the left-hand side of the pop-out. Once on settings, all options for your submitted form message will appear.

Once you are in settings you will see the options to input a variation different elements.

At the top, we have a ‘redirect URL’. this can be used to redirect someone to a specific page on your website or even to another form once this one is completed. This can be a great way to display information regarding what the form was about, what competition they have just entered or just some more information on the business… it can be used in many different ways. to find out more on a link to another form, follow our article on public sharing and paste the public link to a form here.

Working our way down, you will see there is a location to upload your own logo. It will automatically show the Array logo when the form is submitted so if you want to change this it can be done so here.

You then see the option to input text for the message they receive. This will appear with the logo once the form is submitted as a little message so keep it short. something like ‘Thank you for your submission’ or ‘keep an eye on your emails, we will contact you soon’, keeping it short and to the point makes it clean and simple to read. If you need to enlarge the text field, you can do so by using the three small lines in the bottom right corner of the textbox.

If you like to track visits to a page or how many people to complete the form and receive this message you can do this here to by inputting a tracking code. Tracking codes can be great if you want to know if the user completing the form converts or just simply to know how much interest you have in that specific subject, either way, tracking codes can be a really useful tool.

And lastly, we come to the button alignment. Naturally, the button will be aligned to the middle of the pop-out allowing the user to close it and confirm their form has been submitted but this can be aligned both left and right too enabling you to match it as closely as possible to your brands/companies design.

Once all is completed, click save and now once the form is submitted your unique submitted form message will appear. if you are looking for more advice on Public Sharing, take a look at our support article here.