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Launchcloud offers a variety of ways to share your forms

Designing your forms in Array is only half the fun. Once you’ve created an online survey, you’ll want to start gathering data and analyzing the results. Array offers a variety of ways to share your forms.

In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  • embed a survey via HTML or iFrame on your website, blog, or email
  • send a survey link via email
  • create a public URL to host your survey online
  • create a QR Code that links to your form
  • share a form on social media
  • Create a custom link for your form
  • redirect a user to a specific webpage after completing the survey

First Steps

Regardless of your preferred sharing method, start by navigating to the Forms page from the left-hand menu.

Then, find the form and click the green Share icon.

A popup screen will appear asking you whether you want to share the form with Team Member or share the form Publically. Click on Share Publically.

This will take you to another pop-out where you need to select what user the form will come back from once it is completed.Every time someone completes your survey via this sharing link, the response will be saved as if they were submitted by this user.

Linking a form to a user helps track the effectiveness of each platform used to host your survey. For example, you can create several medium-specific users in your team to represent each of your communication channels (E.g. users named “Website,” “Blog,” “Email,” etc.) and look at the results to see which sharing link generated the most completed surveys. This feature can also be used to track employee performance — such as in competitions to capture sales leads or customer loyalty signups. For help adding users to a team, read our support article.

After selecting the appropriate user, you'll be presented with a handful of share options that are explained below in more detail.

Sharing a form with teammates is virtually the same. when you are presented with the option to publically share or share with teammate, click share with team mate, you will then be presented with a window of all users. you can manually tupe the email address or select a user straight from the list. 

Embed in a Website, Blog, or EmailEmbed HTML

To embed a survey online, click the “Embed Code” button. This code will need to be pasted into the HTML of your website App

Embed iFrame

If you have the functionality on your web page for iframe embedding, this may be easier for you. To embed, take a moment to specify the width and height - then copy the auto-generated text into your web page's iFrame function. You also have the option of embedding the form as a popup box, as opposed to an inline frame. An inline frame will appear as part of the page itself, whereas the pop-up form will take up the entire window until the user submits the form or cancels out. 

To learn more about how to embed and share your forms on specific sites such as Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace and Blogger. Click here.

Mass Email

You can also send your survey to an entire mailing list at once by using our “Email Link” option.

First, enter the email addresses of each intended recipient. (Pro Tip: Use the free web service Email Extractor Lite to quickly order your mailing list in Array’s required “one per line” format.)

From here, everything works as you’d expect. Just insert an engaging subject line and some body copy. When you’re all set, click the send button and out she goes!

Create a Public Link or QR Code

The form link can also be sent out via a public URL or QR Code. This works great if you’d like to send an email campaign through your preferred service providers like MailChimp or Mailjet, or if you’d like to include the QR Code on a physical flyer or poster.

For the public URL and QR Codes, just copy and paste the link wherever you’d like.

Add a Logo Image

You will be pleased to know there is the option to add your own logo to the top of your form. This will not only give your form your own personalized look, your form will be instantly recognizable to all your customers.

To add your logo, simply click the cog button in the top left of Public Sharing - then click the Logo Image button. This will take you to an image uploader, simply choose your selected image from your computer and upload.

Share on Social Media

Finally, you can easily share your forms via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ by hitting the corresponding icon on the right-hand side of the share options menu.

For each option, you'll have the chance to write a custom message before publishing the post.

Create a custom link for your form

With this feature, you can now create your own custom links to your forms - this gives your form a personalized feel. To enable this feature you must choose the public sharing option and click the cloud button under options. From here you can easily edit the URL for your form.

Redirect the User

Once a user submits a completed survey, you’ll probably want to redirect them somewhere — perhaps to your homepage, blog, eCommerce portal, or a social media account. To control where the user lands after completing your form, simply add the desired destination email in the "Form Redirect" field at the top of the Public Sharing window. Click the Cog and enter your redirect URL.

Google Analytics

Google’s analytics solutions help you turn customer insights into real gains. Simply input your Google Analytics ID into the Google Analytics field.

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