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Pages allows users to customise the output of their submitted forms

Pages allows users to customise the output of their submitted forms by downloading and upload a word document template.

In this article we’ll be showing you:

· Where to find Pages

· How to create a template

· Uploading a template

· Downloading your submissions


Pages has its own separate section so you can see all your created templates. To get to Pages you’ll need to click on 'Branding' in the left hand side menu and click on 'Documents'.


This will be the area for all your created templates.


Creating a template

To create a template, on the page tab use the 'Add document' button in the middle of the page


Or Alternatively, use the Plus button in the top right-hand corner


A menu will appear which allows you to give your page a name, give your downloaded filename a name, select what form you would like the template from and the output format which can be either pdf or docx


Once you have filled in your information, click Download Document Template to download a standard word document template which will have all the markers for the elements on your selected form.

word doc

You can now customise this template to get your form output to the way you want it.

Uploading a template

If you have a template already created or you have just customised one of our templates, you can now upload this into Array so your form submissions can be downloaded in an output of your choose.

To upload your template, you’ll need to have created a ‘Document Page’ already for your selected form. Find the form in the Page section and click on it. A menu will appear which will allow you to upload your template. Click the ‘Upload Template’ and find your template. Once you have uploaded your template, click save at the bottom right hand corner of the menu to save your template.


Also, on this menu is:

- Download Template – Once you have uploaded a template, you can download your uploaded template again by using this button.

- Download Default Template – If you change or add new elements to your forms, you can download a new output template by using this button.

Downloading your submissions

Once you have uploaded your template, you’ll be able to download a submission into your output format. Click on Forms and find your selected form. Now click on submissions under the name of the form.


Now select a submission by ticking the checkbox.


You have the option to download your submission at the bottom of the page.


Click download and a menu will appear with all the download options. The named option will be your uploaded template.

download menu

Choosing this option and clicking download at the bottom of the menu will allow you to download your submission into a ZIP folder in your customised output template.

Deleting A Page

If you do not need a page anymore you can delete them. To delete your page, find your page and click on the tick box.


Once a tick appears in the box the options to copy or delete your page will appear at the bottom of the page.


Click on 'Delete' and then delete on the following menu will delete your page.