Logic on Docs

Logic can be applied to Docs so it can show and hide elements on your templates.

If your forms have logic on them, you can display this on your Docs so the logic is applied to the elements on your templates and can hide or show depending on the formula of the logic.

How to apply the logic

When you download a template of your form that has logic on, it will be displayed all the markers at the bottom of the template


If you would like it to hide or show the elements depending on the answer you can move the markers ${logic-??????} and ${/logic-??????} either side of the elements.

For example:

On this form, if the radio list named ‘Test’ equals ‘Yes’ then ‘Surname’ will be shown.


radio list-1


logic yes

To achieve this on the template. You’ll need to find the logic at the bottom of the page which applies to this logic.


Once you find the logic formula markers, you’ll need to move them either side of the ‘Surname’ marker

logic applied

Now when you upload the template into the Array, the download will now apply the logic to that element.

If ‘Yes’

if yes on template

If ‘No’

if no on template-1