How to set up an Integration

Ways to set up different Integrations.

Connect Via Array Market

To view all of the Array integrations, you can visit the Array Market. You can also use the search bar at the top of the page to look for specific integrations. You can then press install on any of the integrations and link them to your account.

Connect Via the Admin Dash

Alternatively, you can connect to an app from right within Array’s Admin Dash. Next to the Account Name in the top right hand is the integration menu, clicking this will show any you already have on your account and a link to the Array Market to get new integrations. 


This menu can be found throughout our website whilst you are logged to your user. 

Incorporating the Integration

Now that you’ve connected your favorite apps, you can add specialized fields to your Array forms that will share data with the app. Start by opening the Integrations tab in the toolbox, which will display a list of available fields based on the integrations you’ve connected. The left side of each field option includes the logo of the app the field is connected to.

In some instances, adding an integration field to your form may create several sub-fields related to the information you’re looking for. For example, let’s look at our integration with Zendesk Sell CRM: Adding a field to capture information about a company contact will automatically generate fields for their email, phone number, address, and more, as this is all relevant information that can be stored in Zendesk Sell. These extra fields can be removed by hovering over the field and clicking the trash can icon.