Group is a great way of grouping all your favourite or most used elements together

Group is a great way of grouping all your favourite or most used elements together and gives you the ability to drag more than one element at once on to your forms. Groups can be used on any of the elements from the toolbox, found on the right hand side of the form builder, from email address to date elements.

In this article we'll be showing you:

  • how to create a group
  • how to save a group 
  • deleting a group

Creating a group

To create a group you first need to drag all the elements on to your form you would like to include in your group from the toolbox. Once you have your elements on your form, you will need to highlight all the elements by clicking, holding and dragging the cursor to create a box around the elements.

When the elements are highlighted the lock icon will appear in the top left of the toolbar.


Alternatively you can right click on your mouse on the highlighted elements to give you the same options.

Once you click on the lock icon, the icon will change to an unlock icon and a save group will appear. 


On the right click menu, once you have clicked the lock group button you will have the access to the unlock group and save group as templates buttons.

Saving a group

Along with lock or unlock a group, you also have the option to save your selected group. Clicking on the 'Save Group as Template' icon at the top left hand corner of the toolbar or right clicking with your mouse on your group gives you access to the save menu to give you selected group a name.

Once you give your group a name and click save, your saved group will appear in the template tag on the toolbox.

Now you have saved your group, you now have the ability to drag your group on to any form on your account. ​

Deleting a group

If you no longer need one of your saved groups you have the option to delete a group by clicking the icon next to the group name in the template tag in the toolbox.