Functions on Docs

Functions used on your forms can be easily added to your doc templates to show the results.

Functions submitted within your forms can be displayed on your Docs templates so you can download them your way.

In this article, we will be showing you:

- how to find and display functions on your template

- an example of functions

How to display Functions

When you download a template of your form that has functions on it, the template will display the markers on it, under functions


The name of your function is displayed before the marker for that function. These markers can be used to display the results of your functions in any place of your template.

An example of Functions

On this form, we have several sum functions set up to work out the total cost of items.


To achieve this on the template. You will need to find the Functions name and markers

Once you have found the function markers, you can copy them on to your template in the best way for you. In this example we are going to display them in a table


This table has a combination of element markers ($element-xxxxxx) and function markers ($function-xxxx)

Now when you upload the template into Array, this submission


Will download and display the functions.