Form Builder

Here is where you design and edit your forms.

In this article we'll be showing you:

- Our Form Builder

- The forms sharing options

- How to connect the form

- The results of the form. 

Our Form Builder

You will design your new and existing form through our form builder. When you add a form or click on an existing the form builder will display on the 'Create' tab


Our form builder uses the drag and drop system with the elements from the toolbox.

At the top of the form builder you have several options on this form - Create, Share, Connect and Results.

The Sharing Options

When you click on Share you will be shown the sharing options on this form. The options are:


The tabs will be blank until you change the slider to 'On' 

formshare2Each tab has all the different options for the forms

Public Settings - this includes the options for URL Redirect, Passwords, Logo, Complete Text, Button Alignment and Analytics Tracking ID.

Email - this tab allows you to share the form via Email

Link - this includes the public link and the QR code. You can also share the form straight to your social media accounts.

Embed - this option gives users the iframe and HTML codes.

Custom Link - this tab allows users to create a custom link for the form.