It's a good idea to start by adding a Folder.

Adding a Folder

It's a good idea to start by adding a Folder. This is easy to do, by clicking Folders on the left hand navigation of the Admin Dashboard, then the green 'add' button at the top left hand side of the page.

You will then be prompted to name the Folder. You should choose a name that will help you identify what sort of forms will be contained within the folder, such as Admin Forms or Sales Leads. At this point you can also make the switch live because no one can see the project. This will save you from having to do it later on.

It's important to note that you can change all this information later if you need to. Finally you need to click save to complete the creation of your Folder.

Adding a Form to a Folder

Now you have added a Folder you will see it has appeared on the list with other Folders. You now need to populate it with any necessary forms. To do this you should click on the forms button for the Folder you just created.You will be directed to the Edit Forms page, containing a reminder that you don't yet have any forms in the Folder. To add a form click on the green 'add' button at the top left of the page.

You will see on this page the project you have just made has already been selected in the drop-down list, so all you need to do is give the form you are about to make a name, and click on Save Form.

On saving the form you will see the design page on your screen. It's here that you will design the form you need. This short video explains how to begin with simple drag and drop. 

Adding a Team

You might benefit from adding a Team of Users who have access to certain forms and folders. The Teams you set up can reflect how advanced you want your sharing options to be. We have given you a few Team names to help you get started, and each one represents the permission levels you can grant the Users. You can read more about this in our Team support articles, here

First, you will need to make a new Team to sit your users inside. To do this click on Users in the left-hand navigation and then select teams in the top navigation.

To add a new team, click the green 'add' button on the top left. You should give the Team a name; this could be something like South Team, Manager or Field Team. You will need to select what level of access this group will have. Again you will be able to change all this information later on if you need to. 

When you have finished selecting the access level you just need to click save. You will then see it appear in the list of Teams, and at this point, you can make the Team live.

Once you have done this you can simply add Team Mates by clicking on the Team bar which will give you information about the team you have created.

Click on Users and then Edit at the bottom right.

To add another user to the team simply by selecting them from the dropdown list or typing their email directly into the search bar.

If you still need to invite some Users, click here to see our article on Users.

Adding a Team to a Folder

Now that is all set up, all you need to do is add the Team to your Folder.

Click on Folders in the left-hand navigation and you will see a list; from these select the relevant one.

Click on the Teams button on the right.

From here you can simply check the Teams you want to attach.

It's as easy as that. As long as all the sliders are switched to live your Users will be able to see the Folder, and all of the forms contained within, the next time they log in to their version of the App online, or on their mobile device.

If you need any further assistance contact our support team.