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The Array platform is split into two separate, inter-related sections: the admin dashboard and the Web Forms.

The Array platform is split into two separate, inter-related sections: the admin dashboard and the Web Forms. In this article, we will introduce you to the Web Forms functionality and familiarize you with its navigation. To learn more about the admin dashboard, click here.

The Web Form is primarily focused on administering surveys and collecting responses to your forms, in essence, pure data collection with the ability to access reports but not create or edit forms. For many account operators, this is all they’ll need. If an admin user, start submitting forms on your desktop computer by using the Web Form. 

In this article, we'll be showing you:

- how to find web forms

- the dashboard

- the viewing cards

- how to navigate

- your profile

Finding the Web Form

Upon logging in to your Array account, you’ll land on the admin dashboard. To find the Web Form, click on your profile in the top right hand corner of the page, next to your account name, and click on 'Web App'


Web Form Dashboard

Upon reaching the Web Form Dashboard you will be present with all your folders in your account. If you are in several accounts then you will be presented with all your accounts and an overview of each account — namely the number of folders and forms in each account and the last time they were updated. 


​Viewing Cards

By clicking on one of your Array accounts from the Web Form dashboard, you’ll find all of your folders displayed to you as cards. Open a folder and you’ll see all of its forms displayed in a similar way.



If you’re looking for a specific document, you can quickly find it by using the search bar.

search bar

​Capturing Data

After finding the form you’re looking for, click to open a live version of it. You’ll be given a blank copy of the form that’s ready to accept new data. The results will be saved to your account as a response. See Capturing Data in Web Forms for more information


As with the admin dashboard, the Web Form has its own sidebar for navigation. Here you’ll find a link back to both the Web Form dashboard as well as the broader Array admin dashboard (remember that these are two inter-related sections of the platform). You’ll also be able to view all your starred content.


Starred Content

The Starred button displays all of the folders and forms you’ve favourited, providing easy access to your most relevant documents. To favourite, an item, click the star icon in the bottom right corner of its card.


In the navigation menu you have have access to your profile. To access this, click on your profile picture. 


From here you have several options such as changing your password. 

Live Sync

Occasionally, you may have multiple field reps operating on the same Array account at the same time. To make sure that the latest information is being reflected in the Web Form’s dashboard, you’ll need to sync your account. To do this, click the Sync' button in the top right corner.


Browser Compatibility

The Array web app works on any device with an internet connection. The app is compatible with all browsers but we advise using Chrome or Firefox to get the best outcome.