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Everyone who has access to the Array system is called a User.

Everyone who has access to the Array system is called a User. The type of User they are depends on what permissions they have been granted, and/or what Team they are allocated to. You can build and manage your teams by placing users in relevant groups; you can add individuals to them or issue bulk invites. Once they are added, all Users have a profile and are able to work across multiple accounts.

Users can capture data using the native iOS or Android apps, available for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In this article, we will show you how to:

Adding a User

Adding a User is a very simple process. First, click on your profile in the top right hand corner of the page, next to your account name, and click on 'Users & Teams'


Next, you will see the option showing Users and Teams in the top navigation. Ensure you have selected Users to add a new user then click the add button in the top right of the screen.


This will launch a pop-up screen that allows you to mass invite users to join your account. The invitation process has four incredibly simple steps:

  • Enter the email addresses of everyone you'd like to invite. Be sure to separate each email with a comma.
  • Write a short message that will accompany the email invitation. This will provide context so that the person receiving the email knows what they are looking at. If you'd like, you can use the default message that is automatically generated.
  • If you've already established teams that you'd like to add this user to, you can select them here. If they accept your invitation, they'll automatically be added to the proper groups and given the corresponding permission levels.
  • Click the "Add" button to send the invitation.​



Your users can have any of the following roles which is selected when creating teams: 

  • Account admin has virtually all of the same permissions as the account owner. They can view, edit & share forms in all folders, as well as add users, review & edit reports and submissions and create & manage themes. 
  • Client Reports gives users access to our Report dashboard and the ability to view any submissions and any of their own submissions on forms.
  • Data Entry Users are able to open existing forms and enter new information. This role is meant for field operators who are collecting data without reviewing its results.
  • Field Manager has access to all the folders allocated to them but also have access to all submissions in that folder and can view and edit submissions,
  • Form Editor is one of the few roles which gives the user the ability to edit & share forms in a folder. The role also gives access to the view & edit all reports and submissions, manage themes. 
  • Operator is someone who has access to folders and forms to submit but can also view and edit only their own submissions
  • Own Reports Access gives the users the view of the reports and any of their own submissions.  
  • Reports Access users have the ability to see our Report dashboard with access to see all reports, all & their own responses and see the location of all the responses.
  • Support user only have the access to our in app chat feature. 

Here is a table to easily show what roles have what access:


Importing and Export Users

If your user base is large and you would like a quicker way to manage your users. At the top of the page, click on the upload button


A popup window will appear.


On this popup window, you will be able to export your user list by clicking on the 'download this template file' at the top. This will download a XLSX file of all your users.

If you want to import an XLSX file of user, select 'Choose file' and your file.

The 'Perform Full Sync' slider will add and remove any users within your list. If any of your users are new, you will need to select a team you would like to add them to as you would when adding an individual user.

You can also export your user list but clicking on the export button


Remove a User

Deleting Users is just as simple. When on the Manage Users page, hover over the profile picture and check the box that appears you want to delete


Click the delete button that appears at the bottom of the page that appears in the pop-up.


Deleting a user only removes them from your account. It does not remove them from the Array platform, so they’ll still be able to work within any other Array accounts they have access to.

Deleting a user will also eliminate any public forms that have been shared from that account, in turn meaning that any forms that user has shared publicly via a link will no longer be live and longer be accessible to complete. If you would still like the form to be accessible to people, you will need to create a new public link through a user that you are expecting to keep on the account, To do this follow our article on Sharing.