How users can include signature fields in their form.

Forms built in Array can capture a wide range of data types, from photos and videos to barcodes and PDFs. In this article, we look how users can include signature fields in their form, converting a typical form into a full-fledged contract.

Form Builder

Users can find the “Signature” field under the Text Elements tab of the Form Builder.


By default, the field will read “Signature” once it’s placed in a form. However, the form creator can edit this text so as to prompt the responder what to do (E.g. “Sign here” or “Click to Sign”).


Form Responder

Signing your name in a signature field is easy. Once the form responder reaches the signature field, they simply need to click on it. This will then launch a signature screen.

Responders filling out the form from their desktop or laptop can sign their name using their mouse or touchpad; responders on a tablet or mobile device can use their finger or a stylus.

Once completed, select done in the top right and you will see the signature display in the signature box on your form.

​Have a go at signing this form below.