Merge Data

Sometimes, data doesn’t mean too much on its own.

Sometimes, data doesn’t mean too much on its own. Rather, it’s the interplay between a user’s answer to several questions that is truly significant. In situations like this, you may want to merge response graphs together to get a clearer understanding of the data.

Merging Data

To access the data you can merge, start by clicking the Report button in the 'Tools' dropdown menu which can be found in the top right hand corner, next to your account name. 


This will bring you to the View Reports. Here you’ll see all of your projects, sorted according to their Array folder. Click on a folder to view data from the individual forms included in it.

Once you have found a form you would like to merge data, click on the Graph button. 


Now you can drag one graph on top of another; you will see a “Merge Reports” icon appear while the graph is being dragged. Once you let go, a new graph will be created that reflects the answers to both questions.

Once the Data has been merged a new graph will be displayed of all merged data.