In-App Reporting

Having reports available in app enables teams to have much more control over the data they collect.

Having reports available in app enables teams to have much more control over the data they collect and opens a whole range of opportunities for field teams.

We have applied high pressure with getting access to reports correct so that each user using the application can be set to a permission level depending on the data they are allowed to access, this is primarily for data security but in turn has provided much more range for the team members and what they can do with the application and what the data they have access to. To find out more information visit our users or teams document.

How it works

Downloading and logging into the application you will see straight away see that folders/forms are displayed ready for you to access. Opening up the navigation by clicking the 3 dash menu in the top left corner, is where you will notice a difference and you will also notice a lot of space.


​If upon downloading the application and you do not have access to any of the forms/data that us because you do not have the correct permissions and these will need to be changed before you can gain access.

In the side navigation, you will see that there are the same options of Status and Starred but you will also notice the reports section at the top. By selecting 'Reports' you will be taken to the reporting pages where each form will be displayed allowing you to gain access to its individual report of that form or reports for a specific team form.


​Selecting these tiles will take you to the form reports page where you will be given 4 options just like on a desktop to view the data, Map, Graph, Media and Submissions  view.


​Using the app is much like how Array works via web and can be an awesome tool for the teams/managers that are not based in the office. the application has been specifically designed with those teams in the field in mind. All reporting through the application is done in real time so any submissions made can be immediately seen.

With this new release of the application we have had to improve user permissions levels to allow much more accessibility to users if necessary but by doing this we have also been able to limit the access to the data that user has opened up much more scope with our specific user permissions.  To see what the permissions are and what can be done with these permissions, take a look at our support article on Teams or Users.

The application was design for not only the ease of collecting data and accessing information but to bring teams in the field closer together and work closely with teams that are split between the office and the field. Array sees the bigger picture of using the data you collect! Our plan is to bring the field and the office as one, using a seamless, easy, real-time Data Management Platform.