Images on Docs

Any images on your forms can be easily displayed on a Docs output.

Images submitted within your forms can be displayed on your Docs templates so you can download them your way.

In this article we’ll be showing you

- How to find and display images on your template

- An example of images

How to display images

When you download a template of your form that has images on it, the template will display the markers on it

image markers

Each ‘Take Picture’ has a default 5 pictures per element, which is displayed on this template. For example, on this form ${element-1298544-2} is the 2nd picture on ‘Take Picture 2’ element

The size of your images can be changed. The default size is 500x500 so this can be changed to an appropriate size for your output. For example, if you need your image to be 150x100, the marker will need to be changed for ‘Take Picture 2’ to ${element-1298544-2:150x100}

change of size

An example of images

On this form we have taken a picture of the Array logo and submitted the form.


On the downloaded template you need to find the image marker. For this image it is - ${element-1298543-1:500x500}.


When you upload this template into Array, your images will download the submission in this way.