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How to customize the colors and logos of your Array Dashboard.

This article will show you how to customize the colors and logos of your Array Dashboard, allowing your own fully branded experience. This is useful if your employees are using the Array system on a regular basis and you would prefer them to see your logo rather than Arrays.

In this section we will show you how to:

How to Add Your Brand

To edit your brand logo, color scheme and application icon simply click on you profile picture in the right-hand corner and click on 'Account Settings'


From here scroll down to the branding section and you will see the customizable elements that you can use.


Click on the pencil icon, in the top right hand corner, so you can start to customize your branding.

Changing the Colors

Once you have clicked on the pencil icon to edit your branding, click on the option you wish to change.


If you click on 'Primary Color' or 'Accent Color' you will be present with a color chart to select from. You can put in a hex code, select a color using the sliders or chose how much red, green and blue is in your chosen color. 


The primary colour will be the main colour of your account. The accent colour option will dictate what colour buttons etc will be. 

​Dashboard & App Logo

You can also change the Dashboard logo, you can do this by uploading your own Jpeg or PNG image file.

Finally, if you have the Array app downloaded onto your device's you can actually change the web app logo to your own. This can be done by clicking on 'App Icon' in the branding and selecting an image from your device, just as the Dashboard logo.