Edit an Existing Form

Editing a form is a task that will need to be done with information changes.

Editing a form is a task that will need to be done with information changes, new data is needed or just you want to update your form. Doing this is a simple task and can take just moment of your time.

Locate your form

First, you need to locate your form. We always advise going through Folders in your side navigation to ensure you are editing the right form in the right folder.


Selecting folders will display all folders that you have in your account.


Once you have found the right folder, open it by selecting anywhere on the long information bar itself, almost like you were touching it. For more info on the Information bar for folders and forms look here.


Once open you will see all forms you have related to that folder.


Edit Your Form

To open and edit a form you select the long information bar again just like selecting your folder.​


​Alternatively you can on the pencil icon to edit the form. 

The form will then open in the form builder page allowing you to edit your form.


For more information on the form builder and features available, look at our support docs on form features.

If you have any further questions on editing forms, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our online chat.